kz round three- why we’re going back for more.

The summer of 2014 brought about more joy, happiness, and love than we could even imagine.  Aigul and Aisulu, our first two Kazakh girls to visit America, blessed everyone they came in contact with.  Their passion and love for life allowed them to develop lifelong friendships.  If you ask any American who spent any time with them, they will agree that we were the lucky ones to know them this summer.

The summer was simply two Kazakhs and an American living life together.  However, through the success of the summer and the girls’ impact, local supporters stepped up and offered to assist me in bringing four more next summer.  That mean’s a recruiting trip in November, four job positions in Jacksonville for summer 2015, and host families to provide a home for the students.  The dream started to become a reality- we really had the opportunity to live life with even more Kazakh students.

So we’re off.  To Kazakhstan, to find more miracles.  We can’t wait to see which students are going to be joining us for the summer of a lifetime in 2015!

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